There is no need to worry about minimum order quantities?or volumes with?Artisan Furniture, one of the UK's leading?trade and wholesaler suppliers.

Artisan's drop-ship programme offers free, three-business-day delivery to the UK mainland, and the entire process is seamlessly managed through . The supplier also offers cross-border deliveries to Europe, the US and around the world, by economy-road and air.

There are more than 1500?product designs from which to to choose, covering the living room, dining room and?bedroom, as well as occasional furniture. The product categories include bedsides, media units, coffee tables, chests, cabinets, and everything else that may be required for the home or office, and the order?system is easy to use, thanks to?a fully integrated stock and tracking module.

Those businesses with a physical store or the room and resources for storage might consider Artisan's trade programme, whereby the supplier offers up to -25% off its standard dropship prices. Customers can also take advantage of these discounts if they have a hotel or interior design project – Artisan?can then deliver the order to the buyer or direct to the customer's address.

The minimum order value is £2500, but there is no monthly or annual commitment. All the products will be shipped from Artisan's Ipswich distribution centre, with further benefits such as a seamless supply chain, due to the fact that Artisan owns manufacturing units in Jaipur, India, thereby bypassing the traditional wholesalers, distributors and stockists.

"Artisan Furniture is about community, compassion and technology, touching lives halfway across the world by connecting disadvantaged artisans with small and large businesses alike," satets the supplier, "and?thereby creating a global opportunity for direct sourcing and strengthening their communities."

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