Since joining the Minerva Furnishers Guild in the autumn of 2016, Kettle Interiors has risen to the upper echelons of the buying group’s cabinet furniture suppliers, underlining its ability to deliver impressive service and product quality while upholding some of the industry’s most competitive prices …

With Minerva Furnishers Guild supplying many of the country’s finest independent high-street retailers with products from some of the industry’s most established and highly-regarded brands, Kettle’s position as one of the group’s most popular cabinet furniture suppliers is laudable.?

Driven through ranges such as The TT Collection, this status has been well earned, says sales director, Simon Ainge: “We appreciate that the country’s best independent retailers demand more than simply great product, and that we must exhibit exacting standards when it comes to service, too.?

“Over the last few years, we’ve invested heavily in making sure that we can provide great service on an expanding product portfolio through a much larger UK stockholding, as well as improved production and warehousing capacity overseas. The results are now being enjoyed by all of our customers, as well as members of Minerva and other buying groups, through ranges such as The TT Collection and ventures into style-focused launches such as The FR Bedroom Collection.”

With the capability of holding some £8m worth of stock globally at any one time, Kettle Interiors can develop ranges to answer demand from specific sectors of the market, as well as those with broad mainstream appeal, ensuring that retailers can benefit from quality cabinet furniture from a supplier that responds quickly to shifting market trends.?

A prime example of this is The TT Collection, which has become the supplier’s bestselling collection. With a modern English country style, and available in either a grey or white paint finish complemented by natural oak tops, it is a striking collection that demands attention. Available in a broad range of items, The TT Collection was initially conceived as a response to a growing market trend, which has now become a key look in many homes, says Simon.

“Through The DG Dining Collection we had seen that painted furniture for dining and occasional use was becoming increasingly popular in the home, but that there was demand for a more modern look than the style offered, and so we developed The TT Collection to fill this gap in supply,” explains Simon.?

“The look has become an extraordinary success, and its status as our bestselling collection proves we got the mix just right. In fact, we’ve some exciting news on further developments to this collection just around the corner.”