Read any magazine, and you would?be forgiven for not noticing the number of companies using computer-generated imagery in their advertising.?The advancement of technology is making it harder to distinguish CGI from photography, and with the expanding digital sector and the greater need to keep up to date with rapidly changing consumer trends, more and more companies are turning to the versatility of CGI.

Fresco garden set, White Crow Studios

Fresco garden set CGI image

CGI creation means there is no more time-consuming building of multiple roomsets, no?teams of stylists on hand changing colourways between takes or making sure pillows and cushions are fluffed to perfection.?Expert visualisation artists can digitise products in a multitude of ways, without even leaving the studio, and in some cases before they physically exist. Roomset images can be utilised time and time again to illustrate different product ranges. Images can be adapted to appeal to different demographics, and even form the basis of more interactive and immersive marketing such as configurators and virtual reality.

White Crow Studios is a specialist team of visualisation artists that create?photorealistic 3D imagery for use as still CGI, animation, virtual reality experiences, augmented reality and more.

Header image: an example of White Crow Studios' CGI