Gander & White Shipping, one of the premier providers of shipping services to art dealers, private collectors and museums around the world, has completed 10 years with the Trucksmith LoLoader as its preferred 3.5t van of choice …

Michael McGrellis, transport manager at Gander & White, believes that Trucksmith’s LoLoader has made running the business more effective. “Back in 2007, we as a company were looking for a vehicle that would encompass all the practical features we needed to increase the efficiency of our London collection and delivery service,” he says.?

“We trialled the LoLoader – and, quite frankly, have not looked back.

“Trucksmith modify the body to our precise requirements, and with the spacious body, excellent payload, and – most importantly – low-loading clearance, the vehicle has become simply indispensable to our fleet. I currently have two more in build, so I think that speaks volumes for the lasting suitability of the vehicle.”

Simon Partridge, executive sales manager at Trucksmith, says that meeting the long-term needs of customers like Gander & White Shipping are key to Trucksmith’s success.?

“We have a team of over 100 people who are focused on the build of the LoLoader, with a sales team that really puts the customer first,” he says.

Michael agrees. “After-sales service is also a huge part of any procurement decision, and the guys at Trucksmith are prompt to assist,” he confirms. “We have even called on Trucksmith to carry out repairs following accidental damage to our vehicles, and the build quality is carried through to those repairs 100%.”