With?the long-term ambition of offering customers a greater choice in sustainable?furniture, sofa retailer Sofology is launching a new range of seat interiors using?Ultraflex Encore, a product that offers a?recyclable alternative to foam.

Previously used?in the mattress category, Sofology says it is the first in the market to use Ultraflex Encore in seat?cushions.

Initially?available to pair with three models from The Sustainable Edit Vision, Infinity?and Bramley, the new fillings offer an increase in comfort options for?shoppers.

Ultraflex?Encore is an alternative option to the existing Quallofil?Blue product (made?from 50 recycled plastic from the Plastic Bank/50 virgin fibres). The core?of the new?cushions contains high-performance fibres encased in a carded-and-rolled fibre jacket,?inside a corovin case, which helps the seat stay firmer and keeps its shape for longer.

Suzy?McMahon, Sofology's buying director,?comments: “Sofology is?constantly looking at the latest in sustainable innovations, in line with our move to be a?more conscious retailer and bring to our consumers products that have a reduced?impact on our world."